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Private Lessons - $60/hr. or $30/half hour (up to 2 people) $20 per additional person up to 5 people

Private Party - $199/1.5 hr. session for up to 10 people  $299 up to 20 people (Weekend Availability Fri-Sun)

Private Group Open Gym - $100/hr. for up to 10 people (Weekend Availability Fri-Sun)

Family Discounts

Family members are discounted based on number of family members joining. 10.0 per family member will be discounted when signing up additional family members at the front desk.   

Unlimited family members are just 75.0 extra for each additional family member.  Visit the front desk to sign up for family discounts!

Birthdays, Events & Overnighters

Have your Epic Birthday at The PPAC!

Birthday Parties are 1.5 hours. 1 hour of parkour/games/instruction, and 1/2 hour of free time, cake time, play time! The event times can be scheduled Saturdays at the following time slots: 

10:30-12:00 ~ 12:30-2:00 ~ 2:30-4:00 ~ 4:30-6:00 ~ 6:30-8:00

(Sunday's require a 60.0 extra charge.)


Birthdays and Events are 249.0 for up to 12 kids or 299.0 for up to 20 kids. Add just 10.0 per child after 20.  Let us know an estimate of how many kids to expect one week from the party so we can make sure to have enough of our trained professionals at your party!


You are welcome to bring decorations, table cloths, food & cake. We recommend participants bring a cooler for cold drinks or ice cream. 

To reserve your event contact us for confirmation at

We require a 50.0 deposit to reserve a birthday slot which goes towards the cost of the party. 


Please Click Here (Click Here) to pay the deposit for your event.


The PPAC also offers Overnighters!

Fridays or Saturdays, drop off is at 8:30pm and pick up is at 8:30am the next morning.


Overnighters are 399.0 for up to 10 kids, add just 15.0 per child after that. Our trainers take care of the entire thing, with parkour/ninja games, training and use of the entire gym for all participants through the night. One adult parent is required to stay at the event along with our Coaching Staff.

A 50.0 deposit is required to reserve the date for overnighters, which goes towards the cost of the event.

The PPAC also hosts Soccer Parties, Sport team parties, Musical Theater Groups, End of season events, all are welcome for the same treatment!

You can sign the Parkour & Performing Arts Waiver online HERE or click here to download the printable version.

To reserve your event contact us for confirmation at

Please Click Here (Click Here) to pay the deposit for your event. 


and DROP IN's 

Free Trial Class


First Class is Free! Offered every Friday

Drop In Class


Drop in at any time when space available!

Open Gym Membership


Unlimited Open Gym Hours

Private Lessons


Click to Register for Private Lessons

Open Gym Drop In


Open Gym Hours Listed on Schedule

Semester Memberships

Our Best Discount!

Once per week (4 classes per month)

Twice per week (8 classes per month)

Three per week (12 classes per month)

#1 Once per Week


#2 Twice per Week


#3 Three per Week


*Four month Semester memberships are priced per month for a minimum of four consecutive months.


Semester Memberships are billed monthly or paid up front. Members are allowed to continue beyond four months as long as they would like to continue with the discount. Cancelling prior to the four month minimum will be prorated to the month to month price difference. 

ALL Semester Students are required to perform at a Tournament, Showcase, or Demo Team Performance*



Classic Month to Month

Once per week (4 classes per month)

Twice per week (8 classes per month)

Three per week (12 classes per month)

Unlimited ( classes per month)

#1 Once per Week


#2 Twice per Week


#3 Three per Week


#4 Unlimited for 1


(One Person)

#5 Unlimited for 2


(Two People)

#6 Unlimited for 3


(Three People)

#7 Unlimited for 4


(Four People)

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