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Get The System We Used To Raise $1.1 Million For Our Independent Films That Earn Us RESIDUAL Income...Without Having To Pay It Back

The in-person retreat where we make a movie! PLUS hands-on training & experience with award winning directors, producers, fight choreographers, and stunt coordinators















































  • Aspiring Actors who dream of being in a movie but don’t know where to start.

  • Aspiring Filmmakers who dream of making a movie but don't know where to start.

  • Actors & Filmmakers who want to make MORE money than their day rate and union residuals.

  • Actors who want Stunt Training to add marketability to their profile as a performing artist.

  • Aspiring Actors who want real experience on a real movie set, to jumpstart their resume with tons of new skills and talents, and have the possibility of being cast for a role in one of the films we are shooting.

  • International Actors wanting to do a US production, but need a way to get around the work visa application.

  • Actors who are interested in learning to produce their own films, so they can earn the LION’S SHARE of the films they create.

  • Actors wanting to get business savvy, learn to create and earn residuals on their films forever. No studio or strike will ever have a say on your income. You will make money no matter what because you will own the copyrights to your digital assets, and be able to package and repackage your IP to distributors all over the world.


The four of us (Elle, Lon, Mike, and Jack)... Our careers have led us into a variety of fields - motion picture, television, radio, musical theater, cirque, and animation. With 50+ awards and counting, we have learned who we don’t want to work with, or for. We have prioritized stories that matter to us, and have gained an audience who also cares about our content.


We have worked on multi-million dollar studio films, to micro-budget independent films with skeleton (small) crews. Our preference is the small “mom and pop” style of making movies. Why? Because that’s where you find true human connection. That’s where you tell stories that matter.  And surprisingly… It's where you make the most money. When you work for a studio, you are a tadpole struggling to swim upriver. The competition is fierce and no one is willing to mentor you because you could be a threat to their corporate rung.


We decided to leave all that behind, and create “New Hollywood” by building a community that was focused on developing confident and healthy artists, who are unapologetic about their voice.

We don’t ever want to join the rat race of corporate Hollywood again. We have created an amazing life that we enjoy, doing what we love, around people we truly connect with and care about; who also have good intentions with their stories. We hope to bring more excited artists who want to create art, and tell amazing stories that will reach international audiences. We also advocate for the artist. YOU should be making money with what you create. We’ve done it, and we want you to do it too.









Our team has raised over $1.1M dollars in funding for our independent film projects through grants, private equity, and business sponsorships. We are scrappy, socially conscious, and entrepreneurial independent filmmakers who figured out a way to raise capital that we never have to pay back, and make money off our award winning content, FOREVER. 


Some of us started off as actors and directors. We had no connections in the industry, and didn’t get started until we were adults. This was a huge disadvantage, and it took us 20 years to figure out a formula that works. A formula that allowed us to do what we love, making movies, full time as actors and directors who own our intellectual property - outright. We make passive income on our digital assets, and reinvest our money into making more projects. This is the method we will teach you. We answer to no one. No studio tells us how or what to create. And no Union can ever tell us to stop creating. So before you step foot into Hollywood, learn our method first. We will save you the hassle of broken dreams.


Our retreat will introduce you to how we run our live sets. In the independent world, we are known for our intense action sequences, unbelievably high production value for our low budgets (which range between $100,000-$300,000 per film), and our method of creating award winning content.


We will introduce you to our progressive stunt training approach and platform that has gained our players careers in the Entertainment Industry, including roles on major projects such as “Spiderman”, Cirque du Soleil, American Ninja Warrior, ESPN’s World Chase Tag, and many international productions. 


You can be making movies full time in under a year, and this workshop shows you how


We have worked in the Entertainment industry for over 20 years. The bottom line is that actors… are at the bottom. There are too many variables that control your destiny when you work in a traditional Hollywood setting. We figured out tons of shortcuts, pitfalls to avoid, and how to make money doing what we love. We also have the tools and knowledge to make you extremely marketable, as a performing artist. You are getting the director and producer perspective. What we look for in a Star, and what international audiences look for in their content. But most importantly, we teach you our method of making movies so YOU can ALWAYS be working. If you aren't working on someone else's set, you are working on your own. And the sets you OWN are the one's that will make you money forever.


This Retreat is limited to 15 people.

It will be immersive, personal, and strategic to your personal vision. 












The Retreat will cover the following


  • Process of being an Action Actor + DEMO REEL footage

    • Action is the most marketable genre of film on an international scale. Action movies are difficult to make because of budget and logistical factors, but we simplify this process for you to understand in easy-to-learn concepts and progression based stunt training and acting techniques

    • Acquiring the RIGHT project for you to Star in and Produce and Film Scenes specific to YOU

    • The Key elements directors and producers look for in a Star

    • How to network and meet more directors and producers who actually make movies

  • Creating Income Making Movies

    • Desirable “wow-factors” that add marketability to your Actor’s Profile

    • How to Produce your own movie and attract investors to your project

    • The fastest ways to add production value to your project

    • How to make your movie without investors by applying for grants

    • How to create attractive business sponsorships and private equity investments that you never have to pay back

    • Selling your movie to distributors

  • Process of being on a real LIVE Movie Set

    • Rehearse for Action sequences 

    • Shortcuts of Skeleton Crews and how we make movies 100x more efficiently than Corporate Hollywood

    • Equipment that is affordable, but matches the production value of a $100M dollar film

  • Self Care, Holistic Health, and Spa Treatments for the Actor

    • Actors need to be healthy. And health is beautiful. We teach you Spa treatments that can be done at home and on a budget

    • Nourishing meals are an important aspect of fueling an actor's career. Action actors are also athletes, so having nutrient dense meal prep skills is vital to success

    • Forest bathing and enjoying the outdoors. Daily hikes to our private creek, and to the sacred Yuba River. We also have a paddleboard adventure at a nearby lake.

    • Aerial Silks, Yoga, and Parkour are optional classes that can be taken during the retreat

    • Massage services are available by appointment and for an extra fee

  • Resources 

    • Where to create an actors profile and self-submit yourself to projects

    • How to find an agent and what to look for in one

  • Connections

    • List of places and events to go to where directors and producers congregate


Your Ticket Includes


  • Making a Movie!

  • Demo Reel Footage (with your Scenes & Stunts)

  • Stunt and Action Actor Training and Workshops

  • Tons of Hands on experience on a live Movie Set

  • “Business of Making Money Making Movies” Workshops

  • Locally sourced wholefood meals, organic when possible

  • Shared accommodation at an amazing Stunt/Parkour/Circus Training Center (ac/heat, spacious, tons of room to spread out, flush toilets, hot shower, and tons of food options nearby)

  • Shared accommodation in luxury glamping bell tents for couples or same sex assigned roomies (heated, spacious, flush toilets and hot shower nearby)

  • RV or private camping spot available if you prefer

  • Spa Treatments

  • Aerial, Parkour, and Yoga Classes

  • Recreational Tours

  • Nature Hikes and Swimming 





Detailed Itinerary Provided after Purchase

*Sacramento International Airport Pickups will be arranged on an individual basis*

Day 1 - Teamwork/Acting & Stunt Training Classes/Rehearsal

Day 2 - Teamwork/Business Workshops/Rehearsal

Day 3 - Movie Ranch/Production Day

Day 4 - Morning Rehearsal/Tours/Spa Treatments


Day 5 - Production (Last Day for 5 Day Retreat)

Day 6 - Morning Workshops/Production Day

Day 7 - Production (Last Day for 7 Day Retreat)

Day 8 - Classes & Workshops/Rehearsals


Day 9 - Classes & Workshops/Production Day

Day 10 - Production Day (Last Day for 10 Day Retreat)

This Retreat will save you DECADES of time, and TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS


Here’s some examples…


A student, Tori, was interested in being in films. She signed up for one of our Stunt & Film Programs. She also auditioned for the project and landed one of the principal roles! She was a star in an Action Movie that was nominated for an award, and got 13 offers for international distribution. That film was on platforms like Amazon Prime, Vudu, and has contracts all over the world - Taiwan, Korea, Poland, Vietnam, and many more. Tori leveraged her new status to work in dozens of different projects, not just in acting and stunts, but in wardrobe and production coordinating. She is still working, and is in high demand.


A student, Sarah, a strong dancer, wanted to try out one of our programs. Her investment helped her land her first job in entertainment - an assistant choreographer for a touring musical. From there she went on to be the production designer for Kat Von D, and other huge names.  


A student, then a trainer, Joe, a gifted Parkour athlete joined one of our Stunt & Film programs. He also auditioned for the project we were shooting and landed a principal role! He was a star in an action film, then was cast in several commercials, landed an agent, and is now one of the top stars of ESPN’s World Chase Tag!


Students, then trainers, twins - Jess and Josh, joined our program first to learn more about movement. After a few years we gave them their first jobs in Entertainment - a local circus gig. From there, they were hooked! Josh and Jess were booked on dozens of circus gigs through our company. Josh and Jess are now performing in Cirque, in touring shows all across the US.


A friend’s daughter, Hannah, was interested in Entertainment. The idea intrigued her, but she didn’t know where to start. I invited her onto one of our sets where she gained experience as a stunt actor, makeup artist, voice over actor, and sound mixer. She has now booked a dozen jobs through my company in Circus and in Film. She has made money working right here, within our community, and is now engaged to be married! She told me the other day she had “quite the resume” because of us.


What we teach, you won’t get at any Theater or Film School.


Tuition costs for General Drama & Theater Arts majors are, on average, $7,385 for in-state public colleges per year, and $38,060 for out-of-state private colleges. Thinking about doing the free 2 years in community college? Go for it. I recently went and audited my local community college theater class and the professor told me they spend an ENTIRE semester on ONE scene!! ONE scene!! My time is worth so much more than a free college class. If an actor told a director or producer they needed 4 months to prepare for one scene in the movie, you would be fired. Plain and Simple.


In the United States, the cost of tuition for a four-year undergraduate degree in cinema/filmmaking at a public university can range from $20,000 to $40,000 per year, while the cost at a private university can range from $40,000 to $70,000 per year. I went to film school. I know how much it costs, and what is taught. The REAL value is hands-on experience. And you get very little of that at University. Generally, you leave film school with 1 short film under your belt. And tuition does not cover the cost of making your short film. You need to fundraise for that too! And of course, all your equipment, that’s on you too. 


I have friends and family members who went into $500,000 of student loan debt to get their degrees. They are now completely stuck. They can’t quit the jobs they hate, they can’t get financially ahead, they can’t save. It’s a mess. Even though they have high level jobs that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, they still live with their parents.


Almost every single person I went to film school with is not working in film. It’s VERY hard to make money going the traditional route. 


You need to break the rules. But there's the right way. And the wrong way.


I had a friend who spent $60,000 on credit cards to direct and star in his own film. I advised him not to do that, because the script was really bad and he would be risking too much. He didn’t listen and made his movie. He was not able to sell his movie for a profit, and shortly thereafter had to move out of LA. He quit making films and stuck to his regular job.


I had a friend who was interested in acting and modeling. She got swindled into taking nude photos, thinking they would be tasteful. To her horror, the photoshoot took a dark and sinister turn, and she found herself in a terrible situation, and emotional scars that she lives with for the rest of her life. She is haunted knowing those photos circulate the internet without her consent.


My experiences will get you DECADES ahead.


I have seen so many people leave their creative dreams behind because they thought the traditional method of doing things was the way they were supposed to do it. I did the traditional method, and I saw through it and got out of it with a new found vision of what I needed to do.


I got accepted to the “BEST” film school in the world. But I decided not to go, because I did the math. I would be $500,000 in debt by the time I graduated. That would mean I would have to work for a studio. I would have to stay in LA. Could I ever afford to buy a house? Have a family? Probably not! I wanted control over my life. So I went to an affordable CSU, worked 3 jobs while in college, took 18-22 units per semester to graduate as fast as possible. Instead of making 1 short film, I made 4 shorts and 1 feature film that went to Cannes. One of my professors got so jealous of me she tried to sabotage my thesis project by making the entire equipment library unavailable to me. But those obstacles never stopped me. And no obstacle will stand in your way either. 


We are on your team and you will CRUSH it. 


The industry is absolutely accessible RIGHT NOW. And I can teach you how to navigate it so you don’t end up in tons of debt, disillusioned, lost, and feeling like you had to sell your soul to get ahead. 


You will leave our retreat confident, knowledgeable, experienced, and well connected. We take our role extremely seriously. We are not just filmmakers and educators. We are passionate artists who firmly believe there needs to be a brighter future for artists. We deserve it and will not tolerate the exploitative nature of the old Hollywood ways, and how it strips creatives of their sense of self worth and dignity. 


We believe in dreams, and making them happen. 


We want this to be as accessible as possible, while still ensuring it is a fair value exchange. 


To put this into perspective… 


You are getting an Actors School, Stunt Training School, and Film School bundled into one. It’s an immersive educational experience that is to the point, and focused on what really matters - hands on experience!


It normally costs $8,000-$40,000 for EACH of those schools (and that’s the low end of the spectrum). Plus we are providing food and lodging, spa treatments, extra training, and adventure excursions. Lodging alone costs around $2,700. Food, Spa Treatments, Extra Training, and Adventure Tours add up to around $1000. 


But wait… there’s more.


Successful award winning filmmakers should have access to things right? Turns out, we have the ability to give you some seriously AWESOME perks for signing up for our retreat. Like vacations, hotel stays, airfare, and even swanky condos that line the white sand beaches of Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


I’m HUGE on self care. And I like to be pampered and live large. I travel a lot. A few months out of the year. I believe it’s important for artists to have space for themselves, to travel, to learn about different cultures, and to be big about the human experience.




So YES. You’ll get bonuses for signing up. Bonuses that are worth $800-$2,000 each.


5 Day Retreat 


(Includes Bonus Travel Voucher to 3500+ Destinations in the World)


Three Payments of $998

Six Payments of $499

7 Day Retreat


(Includes Bonus Travel Voucher to 3500+ Destinations in the World)


Three Payments Of $1165

Six Payments of $582.50

10 Day Retreat


(Includes Bonus Travel Voucher to 3500+ Destinations in the World)


Three Payments Of $1665

Six Payments of $832.50


*Your spot is reserved when payment is received (whether full or partial)

*We provide refunds if you have to cancel if and when someone fills your spot, or give a spot in further workshops or retreats 

*Bonuses are gifted after full payment received



Dates & Location

5 Day Retreat - Mon June 8th - Fri June 13th 2024

7 Day Retreat - Fri June 8th- Friday June 15th 2024

10 Day Retreat - Fri June 8th - Tues June 18th 2024


You will be lodged in the Greater Sacramento Region (the first 2 nights will be at The Parkour and Performing Arts Center, in Lincoln, CA. The remaining stay will be at Sunblade Studios Movie Ranch in Dobbins, CA.


You will receive an info package with directions, parking, airport pickups and dropoffs, what to bring, etc. Sacramento airport arrivals, please arrive mid-morning or early afternoon. Depart mid-afternoon or early evening.

Have Questions? Fill out an Inquiry Form for Free Phone Consult to see if this is the right fit.

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Camp Movie Poster Edited.png

At this retreat you will be making an Action Sci-Fi!


Aliens have taken over post apocalyptic Earth and are sending humans to special camps to be assimilated, brainwashed, and body snatched. A group of resilient humans plot an escape with the help of a few extraterrestrial allies. 

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