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The PPAC is dedicated to Athletic Excellence, Incredible Value, and Content that Enriches Lives. Our Approach:

  • Classes are 50 minutes in length

  • Classes are PROGRESSION BASED and focused on skill building

  • Conditioning is included in every class

  • We use a scientifically proven and effective play-based approach (such as games and challenges) to keep things interesting!

  • We use SKILL SHEETS to level up our athletes

  • We save you money by including FREE UNLIMITED Open Gym for all of our members

  • We increase the speed of your results by offering our Unlimited Class Plan and Unlimited Open Gym

  • We have performance and competition opportunities

  • We have Discounts for multiple family members (see pricing)

  • We have Discounts if you enroll for a 4 month semester (see pricing)

Open Gym hours are on the schedule and are FREE for Currently Enrolled Members.

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