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Group Classes are now 45-50 minutes in length to allow groups to exit and enter the building with limited contact


Our Group Parkour, Freerunning, Silks, and Kungfu Classes are designed to allow time to clean/disinfect surfaces and to make use of “Zones” in the Gym, so that there is minimal to no overlap on usage between classes, and to give clients time to come in/leave and minimize exposure.

Our CoVid response is to implement “practiceable” steps and measures – such as keeping group classes small, keeping the same group of enrolled members together week after week.  We will no longer have free trials coming to our regularly scheduled classes.  We have separate Free Trial classes “Free Trial Friday’s” and if we have an opening in a class, we can introduce the new household to a group class that has availability. 

We will not be able to practice social distancing when it comes to spotting certain movements.

How do we disinfect surfaces?  The same way we have always done it – Bleach and Medical Grade rubbing alcohol for hard and soft surfaces.  

Our priority is to have time to disinfect surfaces, and keep group classes small and consistent.  The air you breathe will be with the same people week after week.  If you need to switch to a different class, we can do so at the end of the month.  We feel coming to our facility at all, is a decision based on a need to resume a semblance of normalcy, to move your body, and to look after your overall well-being (which includes a variety of considerations).   

We will continue to serve through Virtual learning for clients who are not able to join us at this time.  And you will see an enhanced focus on making the virtual platform a high-quality delivery of progression-based movement training.  We want to ensure your success can be cultivated from home, and catered as much as possible to your individual needs. 



Are you following the CDC Guidelines?  We have read every guideline issued by the CDC, the State, and County.  We have created our response based upon those guidelines, and in a manner that we feel is safest to proceed.   

I can’t sign up for a class at the time I need because it’s full.  Should I just cancel my membership?  We are actively listening to our clients and we want to ensure you get what you need.  We can open additional classes, but we will need to proceed with an open dialogue so that we can keep our measures in place. 

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